Getting Private Jet Quotes in Toronto

When deciding to charter a private jet from Toronto what are the options available to the customer? What are the best options for your business or personal trip? Does it make sense to charter a private jet instead of relying on a conventional air carrier? Chartering a private jet has never been easier from Toronto as carriers such as FLYCATS, go above and beyond to ensure their customers get the best and most personalised experience possible when chartering a private jet. When searching for your quote what do you need to know?



When booking your chartered private jet, there are a few key terms to be aware of to make your experience easier. Everything is very straight forward and simple, all that is required from the customer is to simply choose what type of journey they’re taking, their destination and then, what type of private jet they require.


Empty Legs

The most common type of option that appears when looking for a quote on a chartered private jet is the term "empty legs”. Empty legs are essentially the one-way flights that represent the unsold segments of a confirmed private jet flight itinerary where only the flight crew are onboard. They are the by-product of a scheduled or confirmed flight and can therefore be subject to change or cancellation in relation to the scheduled and paid for confirmed flight itinerary which produced them. There are thousands of empty leg flights flown around the world daily. Empty leg flights can be broken down into two categories: a confirmed one-way or a true one-way. A confirmed one-way may be booked anytime with a private jet carrier and the customer will either pay for the occupied leg and the empty leg or could pay a rate that covers the cost of empty legs flown. A true one-way is a chartered flight that will happen even if there are passengers on board and can be subject to change.


One Way, Round, or Multi.

These options are self-explanatory when seeking your quote for a chartered private jet, one way is simply a direct journey and round being a return journey. When selecting Multi, you are selecting multiple destinations and is an option that chartered private jets excel at, particularly for business trips. Multi-destinations with a chartered private jet save exceptional amounts of time and effort in comparison to multi-destination trips with large commercial carriers. 



Having decided on your type of trip and when you need to reach your destination, the last option to complete before successfully getting your private jet quote is choosing your means of transport. This will alter your quote, depending on how far your destination is or how many people you need to fly. Looking at popular Toronto operator FLYCATS, you would have the choice of three different jets in their permanently owned fleet: the Gulfstream G150, the Beechcraft Premier 1A or the King Air C90GTX. Each craft is variable in passenger size and has a different range to suit your economic needs.